Authentic Thai Tom Yum Soup/ Thai Style Pandan Chicken/ Spicy Thai Fish Cake

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[Practical Course- Tom Yum Soup] Bonnie once tried a Tom Yum Soup in Hua Hin, Thailand, it was literally the best Tom Yum Soup she had ever tried. Later, she even asked for secret recipe from the Chef in Hua Hin! It takes simply 15 minutes to cook the best original Tom Yum Soup, there is no excuse not to try it right?

[Practical Course- Thai Style Pandan Chicken] Pandan leaf has a unique fragrance, allowing food to add a lot of fresh sweetness, especially popular in the Southeast Asian region. It is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Thai cuisine. When you open the banyan leaf and eat the crispy tender chicken, it is still filled with the unique pandan fragrance.

[Practical Course- Spicy Thai Fish Cake] Finally it’s Thai Fish Cake’s turn! How to make the fish cake taste chewy and springy in texture? The tips are to use the fresh minced fish meat, adding other ingredients in the grinding bowl and smashed it into paste, finishing off with home-made sauce to create a traditional Thai snacks!

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Bonnie Chu

Bonnie Chu, famous food blogger in Hong Kong, one of the presenter in the show “How Hard to Cook” & "Chef Minor 3 "by...

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Language Cantonese
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Duration 150 mins
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