A night in Typhoon Shelter/ Singaporean Stir-fried Crab with Garlic and Chili/Poached Clams and Glass Noodles with Salt and Oil/ Chinese Lettuce with

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Course Summary

[Practical Course- Singaporean Stir- fried Crab with Garlic and Chili] Black pepper crab from Singapore is filled with sweet crab meat and spicy pepper sauce, another must-learn in East Asian cuisine.

[Practical Course- Poached Clams and Glass Noodles with Salt and Oil] Fresh clams with some seasonings can already bring out the sweetness of clams and draw people’s attention to the food even in sick days!

[Practical Course- Chinese Lettuce with Shrimp Paste Pot] Refreshing sweet lettuce, mixed with shrimp paste, infusing a salty and provoking taste!

Course Type: Practical Course
Course Duration: 2.5 hours
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Bonnie Chu

Bonnie Chu, famous food blogger in Hong Kong, one of the presenter in the show “How Hard to Cook” & "Chef Minor 3 "by...

Fee HK$580.00 or 580Credits
Quota 16
Language Cantonese & English
Course type Practical Classes
Duration 150 mins
Course code 02683
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