Sliced Beef in Chili Oil, Fish fillet with pickled vegetables soup

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[Practical Course- Sliced Beef in Chili Oil]
This is a very popular cuisine from Si Chuan. The beef is cooked in spicy soup instead of frying it with oil. Pepper and dried chili are used to highlight the unique flavor of spiciness from Si Chuan. Simple to cook but looks delicious from the reddish color of the soup.

[Practical Course- Fish fillet with pickled vegetables soup]
A home-cooked dish from Si Chuan in grass carp, accompanied by pickled cabbage, pickled pepper and dried chili. The soup is thick but not greasy, a bit sour and spicy with the fresh taste of fish, along with the tender fish meat, this definitely opens up people’ s appetite.

An addictive Si Chuan cuisine with various taste of spicy and sour in shredded potato.

Course Type: Practical Course
Course Duration: 2.5 hours
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Bonnie Chu

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Course type Practical Classes
Duration 150 mins
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