Drunken Abalone, Fresh Shrimp and Glass Noodles Pot, Spicy Thai Fish Cake

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Course Summary

A few easy-to-learn dishes best for banquets, tutors will teach you how to cook them in the most delicious way for your guests.

Paella/ Mussels in White Wine Sauce

Spanish cuisine is a very popular dish and the most popular one will be Paella. It is also very easy to cook at home and takes short preparation time. Let’s do it together!

*Most of the ingredients used in the above course are provided by M&S
(Pictures above are for reference only)

Bonnie Chu

Bonnie Chu, famous food blogger in Hong Kong, one of the presenter in the show “How Hard to Cook” & "Chef Minor 3 "by...

Fee HK$680.00 or 680Credits
Quota 16
Language Cantonese & English
Course type Practical Classes
Duration 180 mins
Course code 02681
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