Senior Tutors

All-rounded Basic Cooking Course, Family Cooking Fun

COOKTOWN Senior Tutors provided different cooking courses like Basic Course, Parents & Kids and Helpers Course. These courses are designed to provide basic knowledge and skills in cooking and baking, including basic bakery, Chinese and Western cooking techniques, ingredients selection, and get to know more about different seasonings. Best suits for people who are interested in cooking, foreign helpers and parents who are interested to enhance their relationship and communication with children through cooking.

Through in-class demonstration, practice and tasting, we hope to blend in cooking with our daily life and work.


  • Difficulty:

Animal Cupcake

I don’t think there will be kids don’t love these cutie f...

  • Difficulty:

[ Parents & Kids] Baked spring chicken/ Italian meat balls

By learning to cook dishes and cuisine, this can cultivat...

  • Difficulty:

[Parents & Kids] Carbonara/ Baked Potato with Cream Sauce

Many people have tried Carbonara and there are also many ...

  • Difficulty:

Bake Chicken Drumstick Rice/ Black Pepper Prawns

Two delicious dishes, suitable for adults and kids. In ad...

  • Difficulty:

Salt Baked Seabass/ Clam Spagetti/ Sake Mussels

Seafood lovers must not miss! Salt baked bass can keep th...

  • Difficulty:

Lobster Feast

Lobster is a very popular ingredient, but it is often tho...