Mrs. Horse

K-Style Mrs Horse

Now a wife with Korean husband, we get to enjoy every bit of new and traditional Korean fusion food with Mrs Horse. Ever since she married her Korean husband Mr. Horse, Mrs Horse indulged herself into kitchen and was soon addicted to culinary. She loves to cook different kinds of traditional Korean food and new fusion, hoping to sooth her husband’s crave for Korean food in Hong Kong and his love for Korea.

After years of practice in kitchen, not only she now masters the skills to cook traditional Korean food, she also interacts and exchanges different cooking ideas with her fans on different social media websites. In 2015, she published her first recipe cookbook “K-FOOD”, writing down every single recipe and tips for cooking Korean food and even introduces tourist attractions for shopaholic in Seoul, giving a good opportunity for people who love Korean food can understand more about Korean Food culture, at the same time being able to cook Korean food easily at home.