Queenie Chan

Food Fanatic

QQ, a food fanatic who is good at using leftovers to cook. She was the first Web-J in Hong Kong, a senior beauty consultants and famous blogger in which the cumulative browsing rate of her blog has reached nearly 100 million views.

She joined Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1995, participated in TVB reality show “Bride Wannabes” and was the beauty consultant for another two TVB reality shows “Bachelors at War” and “Nowhere Girls”. She was also the beauty consultant for another TVBC reality show.

Her love for food started since childhood so she decided to learn cooking from her grandmother at grade 5. She was the guest chef in “Private Kitchen” in Apple Daily for 3 years. Her food decoration using fruit peel and sauce were greatly appreciated by many people. She also created her own food show on internet which is very popular in China.

She was now the CEO of QeautyBox, Founder of SO Brush, Creative Director of OOAK, blogger, beauty consultants and freelance editor for More magazine and other media in China.

In 2014, she was awarded the “Best Fashion Channel” by Tudou and “Style Icon” in ME Magazine Beauty Awards.

Published Work: “Tasty Dishes for Beauty” (Beauty Recipe), “ The No No Girl” (《沒女要翻身》), “The No No Girl 2- BITCH” (《沒女早翻身2之—BITCH 》), “Empower Women” (《不必做大眾女神,立志做魅力女人》)