Yvonne Poon

Expert in Creative Baking

Cakes and desserts that filled with creativity can always bring us unlimited surprises. Yvonne Poon is a very popular bakery experts in cakes. She had studied The PME Modules in Sugar Paste, Royal Icing & Sugar Flowers and was awarded the Masters Certificate and Certificate of Cake Design from The Institute of Baking Arts. She was outstanding in making Cartoon Cakes. Many companies will also invite her to design the cake for the annual dinner.

She was a former teacher in Xi Yan Penthouse, teaching different desserts and cake-making. Her publications include “Tasty Homemade Sweet Delicacies”, “Creative Homemade Desserts”, “Homemade Creative Festive Sweet Treats” and co-published a book with another 36 Master Chef in Hong Kong. In addition, she was also interviewed by various newspaper, magazines, TV broadcast and online channel to demonstrate various ways in making desserts.