CC Ling

Queen of Spice

“Queen of Spice” uses different seasonings and spice to turn the traditional cuisine upside down to challenge your taste buds. She was one of the presenter in Viu TV show “Chef Corner”. She was once a journalist and PR but threw herself into culinary at last, taking her passion for cooking as her career.

She was bonded with culinary since small. CC’s mother was also good at cooking so she was inspired by her mother to be a chef. Later she learnt cooking from a local Master Chef Ricky Cheung and was one of the most talented apprentice of Ricky.

CC is good at pairing different spices with the ingredients, making her the Queen of Spice. She uses the unique taste from spice along with infinite creativity to cook her own style of fusion cuisine, bringing a brand new idea of fusion cuisine to Hong Kong, surprising us with every dish she cooks.

In 2014, she opened a restaurant named “Solemate” and wrote food column. She also published a book “Spice Delicacies”.