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[Parents & Kids] Carbonara/ Baked Potato with Cream Sauce

Many people have tried Carbonara and there are also many ...

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【Italian Night】 Lobster Italian / Italian Seafood Soup

Two very delicious dishes, this course will learn to cook...

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Private class / Private party

Customers can book a private class or host a private part...

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[Parents & Kids] Bolognese / Hot Chocolate Pudding

By learning to cook dishes and cuisine, this can cultivat...

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  • CC Ling

    Queen of Spice

    “Queen of Spice” uses different seasonings and spice to turn the traditional cuisine upside down to challenge your taste buds. She was one of the presenter in Viu TV s...


  • Vincent

    The Bread Prince

    Devoted in the baking industry for eight years, Vincent travelled a lot to Taiwan and Japan to learn new knowledge in bakery. He was the Founder in Handmade Bakery.


  • Hanny

    The Pastry Magician

    Having many years of teaching experience, Hanny is familiar with different pastry and bakery skills and is good at all kinds of cake decoration techniques.
    She ...


  • Yvonne Poon

    Expert in Creative Baking

    Cakes and desserts that filled with creativity can always bring us unlimited surprises. Yvonne Poon is a very popular bakery experts in cakes. She had studied The PME ...


  • Mrs. Horse

    K-Style Mrs Horse

    Now a wife with Korean husband, we get to enjoy every bit of new and traditional Korean fusion food with Mrs Horse. Ever since she married her Korean husband Mr. Horse...



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