• Difficulty:

Beef Wellington/ Mashed Carrot in Cream Sauce

Beef Wellington is a very traditional British dish. The t...

  • Difficulty:

Salt Baked Seabass/ Clam Spagetti/ Sake Mussels

Seafood lovers must not miss! Salt baked bass can keep th...

  • Difficulty:

【Italian Night】 Lobster Italian / Italian Seafood Soup

Two very delicious dishes, this course will learn to cook...

  • Difficulty:
  • Difficulty:

Bake Chicken Drumstick Rice/ Black Pepper Prawns

Two delicious dishes, suitable for adults and kids. In ad...

  • Difficulty:

Animal Cupcake

I don’t think there will be kids don’t love these cutie f...

  • Him Wong

    Stylish Man in the Kitchen

    A stylish and charming chef, helping us to choose the best ingredients and cook the most delicate meal together.
    Him Wong, a former electronic engineer in USA,...


  • Senior Tutors

    All-rounded Basic Cooking Course, Family Cooking Fun

    COOKTOWN Senior Tutors provided different cooking courses like Basic Course, Parents & Kids and Helpers Course. These courses are designed to provide basic knowledge a...


  • Vito Chan

    Michelin Chef

    Vito is one of the presenter in Viu TV Show “Chef Corner” and was a food blogger in WeekendHK magazine. Vito is good at slow cooking in low temperature, he believes th...


  • CC Ling

    Queen of Spice

    “Queen of Spice” uses different seasonings and spice to turn the traditional cuisine upside down to challenge your taste buds. She was one of the presenter in Viu TV s...


  • Mrs. Horse

    K-Style Mrs Horse

    Now a wife with Korean husband, we get to enjoy every bit of new and traditional Korean fusion food with Mrs Horse. Ever since she married her Korean husband Mr. Horse...



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