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Spanish paella | Boiled mussels or clam with White Wine

Spanish cuisine is a very popular dish in HK, while the p...

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【Italian Night】 Lobster Italian / Italian Seafood Soup

Two very delicious dishes, this course will learn to cook...

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[Parents & Kids] Bolognese / Hot Chocolate Pudding

By learning to cook dishes and cuisine, this can cultivat...

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  • Vito Chan

    Michelin Chef

    Vito is one of the presenter in Viu TV Show “Chef Corner” and was a food blogger in WeekendHK magazine. Vito is good at slow cooking in low temperature, he believes th...


  • Queenie Chan

    Food Fanatic

    QQ, a food fanatic who is good at using leftovers to cook. She was the first Web-J in Hong Kong, a senior beauty consultants and famous blogger in which the cumulative...


  • Senior Tutors

    All-rounded Basic Cooking Course, Family Cooking Fun

    COOKTOWN Senior Tutors provided different cooking courses like Basic Course, Parents & Kids and Helpers Course. These courses are designed to provide basic knowledge a...


  • Yvonne Poon

    Expert in Creative Baking

    Cakes and desserts that filled with creativity can always bring us unlimited surprises. Yvonne Poon is a very popular bakery experts in cakes. She had studied The PME ...


  • Him Wong

    Stylish Man in the Kitchen

    A stylish and charming chef, helping us to choose the best ingredients and cook the most delicate meal together.
    Him Wong, a former electronic engineer in USA,...



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